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Automatic Gates and Fence Mississauga

We are a fence and gate installation business with a focus on setting up fences and gates for homes, businesses, and industrial buildings in Mississauga.

Your one-stop shop for all your fence and gate needs is Royalty Fence and Gates. We are a family-run company with more than 15 years of experience in the field. To improve the aesthetics and security of residences and commercial buildings, we provide high-quality fence and gate products as well as installation services.


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Automatic Fence Installation

Gate and Fence Installation in Mississauga

It’s crucial to take height into account while putting in a security fence in Mississauga, as well as any possible weak spots, including gates or corners. Additionally, it’s a smart idea to add security elements to the top of the fence, such as barbed wire or razor wire, to prevent attackers from climbing over. A barrier that is challenging to scale or hack through is also typically more effective as a security measure.

Installing motion-activated automatic lights or cameras can also be useful in thwarting burglars and warning you or security professionals of any potential risks.


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Automatic Gates in Mississauga

Gate automation services are provided by Royalty Fence and Gates in Mississauga. When a gate is automated, it opens and closes on its own, usually with the aid of an electric motor and control system. This process is known as gate automation. This makes it possible to remotely operate the gate with a remote control, smartphone app, or other device by pressing a button or by opening and closing the gate manually.

Various gate automation systems, such as sliding gate automation, swing gate automation, and barrier gate automation, are available; each is created for a particular kind of gate and application.

The benefits of gate automation include increased security, convenience, and accessibility. Automated gates can be set to open and close at specific times, or can be linked to security systems, such as motion sensors or cameras, to enhance security. Automated gates also eliminate the need to physically open and close the gate, which can be especially convenient for those with mobility limitations or large vehicles.


Automatic Gates
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Royalty Fence and Gates

Automatic Gate Repair in Mississauga

The process of repairing and regaining the functionality of a damaged or broken automated gate system is known as automatic gate repair. This may entail diagnosing problems with the gate’s motor, electrical parts, sensors, or mechanical components and fixing or changing any broken or defective parts. In order to provide secure access control to a building or facility, automatic gates need to operate reliably and safely.

The purpose of automatic gate repair is to guarantee that the gate system is functioning securely, dependably, and effectively to manage entry to the facility or property. This can lessen the chance of unwanted access, increase the security of the building, and lower the possibility of expensive downtime or repairs.

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